Lighting makes or breaks the presentation of your objects! We deliver lighting advice and lighting solutions for jewelers, curators, art collectors, art dealers and stand builders who want to present their objects in the best possible way.

Custom-made lighting systems

Selection of high-end lighting fixtures

Lighting plans and lighting fixture proposals

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary”

- Aaron Rose -

Why this ‘Lighting the Essence’ platform?

Working for over a decade as a designer and lighting adviser in the field of gallery, booth and art fair design, I know that lighting is the most important ingredient for the best presentation.

However, finding the right lighting fixtures for each and every specific situation is difficult. Spots and tracks are often too bulky, the quality of the LED is poor, lighting systems can be inflexible or using them way too complex.

Therefore, we decided to engineer and design our own showcase and shelving fixtures: the Attraction lighting system. A flexible, high-end system that is easy to work with. With our own engineering and design department we are strong in designing custom made solutions. From complete systems to single spots, manually controlled or running on DMX/KNX. We can create the best lighting solution for every project and situation.

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.”

- Whalt Whitman -




LTE partners for all spatial solutions such as vitrines and showcases with Tom Postma Design, a spatial design studio in Amsterdam specialising in art-related projects. 


Lighting The Essence